Crowdfund Successes

June 23, 2017

Wild In The Streets – Roller Derby Girls

In our first Kickstarter we had all the miniatures sculpted and asked for your help to get them molded. We launched the game with five gangs […]
June 22, 2017


WHAT’S SARATOGA 1777: Saratoga 1777 is a war game about the American Revolutionary War campaign led by British General Burgoyne against the American colonist led by General […]
June 22, 2017

Lost Artifacts of Greyghast – A 5e Magic Item Compendium

Many-Sided Dice–creators of the popular “Magic Items That Are Better Than Nothing” and “Traps to Worry Your Players” series–is proud to present their first published product […]
June 22, 2017

Amazing Dice Cases for Daring Adventurers

Designed to hold all of your adventuring gear, our new dice cases capture the essence of bold adventurers. They are perfect for your favorite roleplaying game! […]